So, H likes to sleep on his stomach. This is a problem (because of SIDS for my readers who don't have children). This has caused DH and I to go without a lot of sleep, as we have been rocking, soothing, feeding, and otherwise trying to convince this tiny little tyrant that he really does, in fact, need to sleep in his own bed and, in fact, his mommy and daddy will be better and nicer people if they are given the opportunity to sleep as well.

I talked to my pediatrician at Henrik's appointment last Friday. He did ask if Henrik's arms are above his head when he sleeps on his back. I said yes, since he wrestles his arms out of the swaddling and has them stretched way above his head. The doctor informed me that if I were to swaddle him a bit tighter and keep his arms down that would break the "startle response", which is more sensative when the arms are over the head. So....

I/We have been working on keeping his arms down and getting him used to his bed. It's been a lot of work, but I think we're making progress. Tuesday at nap time I was able to set him down, swaddled and still just a tiny bit awake, and just leave him to fall asleep. Yesterday I had to go back in his room about every 5 minutes for about 20-30 minutes to put his pacifier back into his mouth to help him fall asleep. Which he did and then stayed asleep for 4 hours.

Then DH put him down at 10pm - with no feeding , he'd eaten at 8:30 - and H woke up at 1:45am for feeding. Not bad. Then he woke up at 5am for another feed (that DH graciously did for me). He is now back in his bed as of 7:30am, after a quick diaper change and top-off feeding. I hear some squeaking, but no crying or even really loud squeaking, yet.

So, we are all getting used to our sleeping arrangements here. Yay!

Quick Update

We are still doing fine. I'm feeling better and stronger every day. H has amazing head control and is still the cutest baby ever. He's growing and changing every day. I need to get the camera out and keep it out so I can document his life to the same degree I've documented E's.

E was the ringbearer in a wedding this weekend. He did not go up the aisle. #1 - All those people were watching him. #2 - "Someone needs to clean off the aisle!" He did not like the flower petals. He did go down the aisle at the end with his Dad and sans jacket. He looked soooo cute in his tux. During the reception he went back over to the aisle (it was an outdoor wedding and the reception was right were the ceremony was held) and brushed off all the rose petals and then ripped up the aisle runner and took off with it. It was high-larious and the adults had quite a good time watching the other children join in and run around with this 50 foot plastic aisle runner like a gigantic streamer.

Mom is still here and is a life-saver. She made lunch today complete with chocolate chip cookies. Awesome. Now it's nap time for E and Mom. I'm going to lay down with H. M is off grocery shopping. He is also a gem. A wonderful gem.

Baby is Here!

Name : Henrik James
Birthdate: 5/8/2009
Due date: 5/15/2009
Weight: 8lbs 10oz
Length: 21 & 3/4"

Born via planned C-section

I was so nervous on May 8th. My in-laws had flown in to help care for DS#1 and DH was at my side in the hospital. I casually checked in, got changed, and set up on a gurney. [The woman in the berth next to me was having some terrible contractions and was in a lot of pain - the nurse had the audacity to suggest to her that these contractions might be false labor and I thought the woman was going to come off the bed and throttle her.]

I walked to the OR and got my spinal. It was a bit painful, but not bad - I was incredibly nervous and my heart started racing. They were a bit concerned. The first thing that fell asleep is my butt, followed by my legs. They laid me down, hooked me up to the IV and other machines. My doctor and the staff were awesome. They were chatty and up-beat and were great at making me feel more relaxed. The spinal made my ears ring and feel nauseous. I was given some other drugs to make me feel better and take the "ringing" away. I am never doing that again.

Before I knew it, my husband was there and the doctor was asking if I felt "this." Um, no. I totally did not feel that. So, he sliced me open and got the baby out of there. It took 10 minutes to get him out. The minute his head hit the air he started screaming. It was a beautiful sound. They held him over the screen and let us see him - all slimey, pinky-blue, and crying. After a couple of minutes, DH was asked if he wanted to come over and see his son. It was great!

Henrik scored 9 and 9 on his Apgars and I was able to see him immediately. It took them 20 minutes to sew me back up and I was taken to recovery. I started nursing there. I was taken to my private room before I could feel my legs completely, but sensation came back very quickly. DH was able to stay over night so Henrik could stay in-room with me.

My recovery has been slow, but I was able to come home after 4 days. My in-laws departed after I was home for 2 days and my Mom showed up the next day. DH took a week off and is back at work. But he'll be taking some more time off occasionally (a day here and there) to help me out after Mom goes home (in 2 weeks).

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So the pregnancy is going well. However, I've now hit the stage where I have pretty constant heartburn. And this weekend, plus today and tomorrow, have been in the mid to upper 90s. This has caused my hands and feet to swell to such an extent it looks like I'm wearing gloves and socks. My ankles have not swollen yet (knock on wood) and I'm hoping the sudden temp drop scheduled for Wednesday will prevent that from happening.

I've also hit the stage where I can see the horrid amounts of dirt in my house, but lack the energy or dexterity to do much of anything about it. M has been great about helping, but he's not the most detail-oriented person when it comes to cleaning.

It's also time to make my eyebrow, nail, and pedicure appointments. I may have to switch a hair appointment - I have a doctor's apt scheduled for the same day at almost the same time; however, I may not actually have to go to said doctor's apt.... so I guess I'm hedging my bets. I'll make a decision on Wednesday.

3 weeks to go!

My c-section date is rapidly approaching. We have finally, finally gotten the nursery painted. The dresser is moved in, the baby clothes are washed and put away. I even moved in the rocking chair, hung the curtains, and put away the tiniest diapers ever! I'd forgotten how small they are.

The crib has yet to be assembled, but that will happen this weekend. As will bringing up the pak-n-play, the carseat, and moving more infant things into his closet.

I'm almost finished packing my bag and have to double check the diaper bag contents and make sure I have everything. I'm pretty sure, but, then again I'm very detail oriented and the pregnancy has affected my memory so I will need to check again at least 2 more times.

Of course, now that we are ready, the camera has stopped working and I have no new batteries to test to see if that is what is wrong. So, a trip to the store and if it really is broken... well... we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Nursery Update

Well, the base coat of a lovely baby blue is on the walls and M is currently painting the trim white. On Sunday night I'll tape the stripe pattern on the walls and M will paint that either Sunday night or Monday after work. Then.... STENCILS!! One step at a time.

Baby is doing great. Still rockin' and rollin' in here. I had a dr apt on Wednesday and found that in 2 weeks I hadn't gained any weight. That was fine with me as I had gained 4 pounds as of the previous apt. My doc said that was "perfectly normal" and not to worry as the baby is still measuring to date.

I'm planning the yard and garden. I have 5 squash seedlings and 8 tomato seedlings going. Well, they are a little more than seedlings as the squash plants have actual blossoms on them. And it's the middle of March. I am hoping to get them into the ground in 4 weeks. Any bets on how many baby squash I will have on these plants by the time that happens? I've also got to pick up my mulch. I think 12 bags will do it. I'll need to either have them delivered or go and pick them up 3 or 4 at a time and use them as I get them. And then there's my plan for the Japanese garden on the side of the house. And my plan to get rid of an overgrown and sickly azalea bush and replace it with some rose bushes. .... um, I really hope that my Dad comes to visit when the baby is born.

Lousey Sleep

M is in New York visiting the bro and SIL.

And I can't sleep.

I can never sleep when he's gone. I once spent an entire summer watching really bad late-night tv getting cat naps on the couch while he was off doing an internship.

So, I took the laptop to bed with me and watched NetFlix Instant until I fell asleep. Which I have no idea when that was.

And, of course, E was up insanely early.

But being the good Mommy we read books in bed and then I made blueberry pancakes. Now I'm trying to think of ways to tire him out so he'll nap - so I can nap. :D


That means Worst Parent Ever. And that's me today. I had to take E to have blood drawn for a routine lead test. The poor kid took it like a champ, but HATED the band-aid. Wanted it OFF. NOW!!! And he wanted water. NOW!!! He didn't cry at all through the needle stuff, but cried until we got to the car and I could get him some water from my water bottle.

Yesterday was a fun day though. E was putting on his socks and had one of them on, but was having problems with the other one. He says, "Mommy, can you help me." I said, "Give it another try, honey. You can do it." He tried and then said, "Mommy, I _really_ need your help." So I helped him put on his sock and he says, "I'm _very_ impressed." I just about died laughing.


The Retro Television Station. Yup. That's right. RETRO TV. This is the most awesome channel ever. If you don't have cable, but have a regular antenna and a digtal reader box you too can have the RTS station. It's on the ABC channel - whatever that may be in your market. They show primetime vintage TV all day. Quincy, AirWolf, Dragnet, Battlestar Gallactica, and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Totally awesome! You should check it out.


Still pregnant. Baby is now using portions of my anatomy as a spring board. I have an OB appointment tomorrow morning. I've been having a teeny bit of swelling, but it goes away when I drink water. I'm going to have to tell him about it.

E is completely out of pull-ups now. He only wore them overnight, but two weeks ago I took them all away. He hadn't had an accident in over a week and I decided it was time. He's been doing great. He's getting up at night when he has to go and gets right back into bed. I am thrilled for him and I'm thrilled I will just have the baby in diapers. So, I'll have had 4 months of freedom from potty concerns.

M is getting published again! He and a coauthur have written an article. They submitted it and it was accepted at the Journal of Political Economy. Yay! This is a huge feather in his cap. He's going to tell his boss and coworkers today. I'm really, really proud of him.